The CCP To Launch An Unrestricted Warfare Against The World On All Fronts

According to Miles Guo’s GETTR video on October 28, after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 20th National Congress, Xi may go to the G20 meeting in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East countries. He will make the CNY petrified and legalized, fully promote the digital CNY, and then attack the USD.

 Launch an unrestricted economic warfare against the United States and Europe so that the global stock market plunges, and the people will not be able to live and crush the confidence market of the West. And will increase support for Russia to attack Ukraine, mess up Europe and mess up the world.

 At the same time, the CCP has the possibility of rereleasing the virus. And to use social media to operate a lot of anti-government forces to pursue the vaccine culprit when the CCP virus vaccine disaster comes so that people will ignore the culprit.

 The CCP will probably launch a blitzkrieg for Taiwan and not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to attack U.S. aircraft carriers.

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