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Himalaya Australia Aussie Farm is part of a global movement to take down the totalitarian and genocidal transnational criminal organization, the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP).  We support the vision of the New Federal State of China (the NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo, to bring the rule of law, democracy and freedom to the Chinese.

New Federal State of China​

It is the Whistleblower Movement that has brought us together.  In order to realize the rule of law, democracy, and freedom in the New Federal State of China (the NFSC), we have established the Himalaya Supervisory Organization.  During the past 3 years, the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Stephen K. Bannon has exposed the illegitimacy and true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) and its deceptions.  The Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a voluntary non-governmental organization with no political affiliation of any kind.

Main Initiators

Miles Guo


Whistleblower Movement & New Federal State of China initiator

Hao Haidong

President of ROLF

President of the Rule of Law Foundation, The reader of the declaration of the New Federal State of China,Chinese former international footballer.

Rule of Law Society

Rule of Law Foundation


Vision: To allow the people of China to live under a national system based on the rule of law, independent of the political system of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Mission: To expose corruption, obstruction, illegality, brutality, false imprisonment, excessive sentencing, harassment, and inhumanity pervasive in the political, legal, business and financial systems of PRC.

Core Values

►To practice high ethical standards of integrity and accountability.
►To bring justice to the people in PRC.
►To protect and assist individuals victimized in PRC, particularly those penalized for speaking out against injustice.
►To promote free speech, free press, right to congregate, right to own private properties and freedom of religion.
►To create general public oversight of government activities.