COVID-19 was named by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The truth is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) actually developed the virus, had it released to infect the local population, concealed the severity of the virus and put pressure on other countries to continue to allow infected Chinese to travel to and from China so that the virus could spread.

Therefore, it is more aptly called the “CCP virus” because the CCP is the cause of the global pandemic and its consequences. The Chinese are victims of the evil CCP regime, just like the rest of the world.


COVID-19 | COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as ‘2019 novel coronavirus’ or ‘2019-nCoV.

SARS-CoV-2 | SARS-CoV-2 is a strain of severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). SARS-CoV-2 is a Baltimore class IV positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus that is contagious in humans.

CCP Virus | CCP Virus is the name given by a group of Chinese who know the truth about the virus since the early days. Now, more and more people who know the truth about the COVID-19 outbreak are referring the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 as the CCP virus.


COVID-19 Outbreak

December 31, 2019 | Wuhan Municipal Health Commission issued the “Notice on the Current Situation of Pneumonia Epidemic in Our City”. 27 cases of pneumonia with unknown causes were found in Wuhan. The notification mentioned above denied any discovery of human-to-human transmission of the virus. It also denied that there was no medical practitioners were infected by the virus.

January 1, 2020 | The Hubei Provincial Health Commission officially ordered genetic sequencing companies and laboratories that have identified the new virus as similar to SARS to stop testing and destroy existing samples.

Cover Up & Misinformation​

On December 31, 2019, the official health department of the Communist China reported that there was a sudden outbreak of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, but the possibility of human-to-human transmission was denied.  The CCP continuously covered up the actual status of the outbreak.  

CCP controlled and influenced the global mainstream media and social media, international organizations such as WHO, and traditional authoritative academia, while covering up the reality of the early outbreaks in the country, leading to the spread of the epidemic worldwide.

CCP continues to block investigations of COVID-19’s origins and continues to release fake news about COVID-19’s origins.

The international organization WHO should have made a timely response in the prevention and control of the pandemic.  Instead, the WHO leadership led by Tedros ignored what was really happening.  It defied scientific common sense and became an accomplice in helping the CCP to cover up the truth about the pandemic. The WHO is indisputably responsible for the global pandemic.

In the study of the origin, the prevention and treatment of the virus, many in the scientific community have continued to ignore objective facts, issue misinformation and suppress the dissemination of truthful information.  Many of these academics, researchers and  research institutions have ties to the CCP. The misinformation (and intervention) not only delayed the prevention and treatment of the epidemic, but also helped the CCP to conceal the true origin of the virus, resulting in the pandemic not being solved at the root and the continuation of the global pandemic.

Prevention And Treatment


Essential Medicines

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate was approved for  therapeutic use in the USA since 1955.  This medicine was listed in the WHO Models List of Essential Medicines, which means that it was deemed as an efficient, secure and necessary medicine.

In 2017, it ranked 128 in the USA’s list of the most common prescriptive drugs and was prescribed for more than five million times in the USA.

In January 2020, Whistleblower Movement  reported that Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate could be taken as an ideal preventive medicine of COVID-19.


A low-cost drug available on a large scale

Ivermectin is a drug whose discovery earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura in 2015. This drug has a powerful studies of laboratory and clinical trials. More than 40 clinical studies completed in different parts of the world have shown that Ivermectin is not only extremely effective in reducing viraemia in the initial phase of the infection, but also active during the secondary phase.

Scientists did not expect that a drug approved over 35 years ago with other indications could really be so effective and well tolerated in Covid patients.


SARS-CoV-2 Antidote

On August 30 local time, Mr. Miles Guo announced on his broadcast that Artemisinin, along with several other antidotes such as D-NAB are the real solution to treat CCP virus(SARS-CoV-2).

Study reveals potential utility of artemisinin-based treatments against SARS-CoV-2