America Borrowed over 800 Billion from CCP and Sent Billions Back to China

USA Today reported on 28 June that the White House is borrowing money from China’s government and giving it back to China. More than $1.3 billion in borrowed money was sent to China and Russia. Sen. Joni Ernst has the recepits. According to the article, America is now owing the Chinese Communist Party more than 800 billion, but nearly $500 million sent to China to pay for everything from a cartoon exhibition to Wuhan lab research. The White House hasn’t forgotten Russia, it sent $870 million to Russia. The report stated that those numbers could just be the tip of the iceberg, as no one in the White House can account for the actual amount sent to these two adversarial nations – or anywhere else. “The federal government does not follow the trail of taxpayer dollars after the money leaves the Treasury to see where it ends up. This allows unaccountable intermediaries to act as pass-throughs, funnelling money from your wallet into pointless projects without public scrutiny. ” One of the examples was given, showing how the funding indirectly ended up in Wuhan Lab to create the Covid virus.That was about the National Institutes of Health and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) granting millions of dollars to the EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance shared the cash with the CCP-run Wuhan Institute of Virology for the risky research on bat coronaviruses that many believe is the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. The article stated two findings that directly benefit China’s companies. More than $490 million from US grants and contracts was paid to organizations in China. The National School Lunch Program, intended to provide balanced meals, encourage nutrition and support domestic farmers, handed $1.6 million to Chinese grain exporters. The famous commentator and columnist, Gordon Chang slammed that on his Twitter, “Why are we borrowing money from China to give to China? This is insane.” The American people should ask the White House, how could this benefit America? Why did America borrow the money and give it to China and Russia without public scrutiny? American deserves the truth.

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