Rep. Blackburn questioned the White House letting the CCP off the hook on COVID, Taiwan, and Cuba

Rep. Marsha Blackburn asked for a response from the White House about the CCP and Cuba’s joint military. She tweeted on her account on 23 June, and wrote, “Why hasn’t Biden responded to Communist China’s plan to set up a military training facility and spy base in Cuba?” She was interviewed on a Fox TV News program on 22 June and questioned about the White House letting the CCP off the hook on COVID, Taiwan, and Cuba. She said Americans are waking up to the fact that apps and IT devices developed by the CCP, like TikTok and Huawei, are collecting data from American people and performing surveillance on American people. Those apps and devices are a threat to America’s cybersecurity. Rep. Blackburn is seeing that the threat is coming at a rapid pace to US critical infrastructure and American personal data security. Therefore, the US government should act fast to stop the CCP’s cyber crime in the US. However, early this year, a representative of the Federal State of China, Nicole, urged Americans that the CCP’s infiltration was not only in U.S. airspace, like Spy Balloons, but also reached the living room of each American family. TikTok, 5G and Huawei are surveillance equipment that is made by the CCP.

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