Americans don’t let the DOJ play down the CCP-linked fentanyl charges

On 25 June 2023, Anne Milgram from The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) spoke at a press conference, sending the message to Chinese fentanyl manufacturers. She said, “There is more bad news coming. With every investigation, with every indictment, we are coming after you. And we will not relent until this crisis ends.” She emphasised that the China manufacturers provided the chemicals to cartels. “They gave advice on how to mix them. They made changes to the recipe when an ingredient wasn’t available. They told a customer to substitute one ingredient for another to make twice as much fentanyl.” “For the first time ever, we have charged four PRC companies with fentanyl trafficking conspiracy. We have also charged eight PRC nationals who work for those companies, and we have taken 2 of them into custody.” The four companies are Hubei Amarvel Biotech, Anhui Rencheng Technology, Anhui Moker New Material Technology and Hefei GSK Trade. They have been charged in three separate cases filed in federal court in New York. However, the Chinese foreign ministry slammed the charges, saying “China urges the United States to … release illegally detained Chinese citizens. The charges are seriously undermining the foundation of China-U.S. anti-drug cooperation.” Those CCP-linked fentanyl trafficking cases are under prosecution by the federal court in New York, which is led by the Attorney General, Merrick Garland. But, Sen. Ted Cruz commented that, “Merrick Garland is the most partisan; he is the most political attorney general in our nation’s history. And he has corrupted the Department of Justice (DOJ). He has corrupted the FBI. He has corrupted the machinery of government”, according to Epoch Times on 7 June 2023. On 21 June 2023, Special Counsel John Durham, in a stunning testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, said there is a two-tiered system of justice in the FBI and DOJ. The court cases from the DOJ against Miles Guo. Those charges have indicated that the DOJ has a two-tiered justice system due to the infiltration by the CCP. Miles Guo is the victim. It was not long ago that the DOJ charged two Chinese spies who operated the CCP secret police in New York. The DOJ allowed them to bail out right after arrest. Guo’s bail applications were denied for two times. Now, Americans must keep an eye on those cases to ensure that the DOJ will not let the CCP get away.

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