The CCP orchestrated the America border crisis

Sen. Marsha Blackburn said the policy of White House makes the America border open and created a national security crisis. She tweeted that on 26 June 2023. On 25 June 2023, China expert and famous columnist Gordon Chang was interviewed on the “American Thought leader” show. He pointed out that Americans need to stop admitting Chinese nationals across our southern border. It is because it appears that some of them are Chinese military, and they are saboteurs against the U.S. However, people may not realise that these illegal migrants’ crisis on the America border is orchestrated by the CCP. In fact, Brazil, Venezuela, and Latin America are the CCP’s geographic target countries to defeat America. By the help of black hands in the government, America’s door is wide open to let them come in. On May 12, 2023, the representative of the New Federal State of China, Ava interviewed by LFA TV program, she exposed that how CCP’s spy Ye Jianming has been sent to infiltrate into politicians and local businesses in Brazil, Venezuela, and Latin America since 2012. As Miles Guo told Americans in 2017, the CCP’s goal was to ferment the weakness of America, ferment the chaos of America and ferment the destruction of America. America will not be peaceful unless those corrupted parties are charged with the Nuremberg code.

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