Select Committee urged to terminate the US-China Tech agreement. The CCP military units are surrounding the U.S.

The Select Committee on the CCP strongly demands the Secretary Blinken to terminate the US- China Technology agreement in August 2023. The agreement was signed in 1979 to collaborate on technology and science research development. The Select Committee urged the White House to prevent U.S. research from funding China’s military modernisation. The committee tweeted on 28 June that, “For the last 44 years, the CCP has taken advantage of American good faith under the U.S.-China science and tech agreement to advance its own military.” Today, the agreement includes more than a dozen U.S.-Chinese agricultural research projects, which China can employ for military purposes. They urged the White House to allow the agreement to expire in August 2023. A letter from the committee dated 27 June was sent to Secretary Blinken, the members strongly urge not to renew the science and technology cooperative agreement with China. It wrote, “It should come as no surprise that the PRC will exploit civilian research partnerships for military purposes to the greatest extent possible.” However, The CCP military secret bases are a real threat to America. America is slowly surrounded by the CCP’s secret military/spy bases. China makes use of its corruption practice to bribe officials of South America’s government to allow them to build their military bases. South America is turning into CCP’S backyard. The CCP is building its military chains on land, sea and sky for submarines and the air force. From Asia to Africa, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Bahamas, Iran, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Tanzania, they have the CCP’s secret military bases. The CCP flew spy balloons in the American sky and built military bases in Cuba. The CCP is already at America’s doorsteps. It is the time for Americans to stand up to fight against the CCP. Americans shouldn’t be fooled by the China government, the true agenda behind China is to take over America to rule the world.

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