Righteousness Should Guide Democracy Through Technology and Humanity

On October 27, at a gathering with some fellow fighters in Manhattan, Miles Guo shared his view on the democracy in American and on the future of the New Federal State of China.

 All fellow fighters must learn the rule of law and the democracy, which set the foundation of America that help propel the young country to develop into the strongest and most prospect country in the world. But over the past two hundred years, the United States has acquired some flaws over time. For example, politicians make unrealistic promises to win votes, causing many unfair outcomes. Also, government gradually forces its people, in the name of democracy, to submit to state control and makes profit while doing so. We have witnessed, during the pandemic, that the government is freezing people’s bank accounts and forced people out of work if people do not comply the vaccine mandate. Therefore, democracy is no different from dictatorship if tamed by people with bad intentions.

 In the new era of blockchain and space communication, we should break through old paradigms and take advantage of the new technology, making government more transparent and truly serving people, and ultimately achieving democracy with righteousness.

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