The Biden Administration Expects Agreement With Allies On Export Curbs Against Communist China Soon

On October 27, a senior U.S. Commerce Department official said the Biden administration expects to reach a deal with allies soon to sever communist China’s access to sophisticated chipmaking tools under new rules.

 Earlier this month, the Commerce Department unveiled a comprehensive set of export controls, including measures tightly restricting CCP’s access to U.S. chipmaking technology. It has greatly expanded its reach to slow the CCP’s technological and military advances.

 Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez, when asked what steps would be needed to bring allies on board for equipment restrictions and similar rules, particularly Japanese and Dutch companies that also produce chipmaking equipment, Estevez said he expects to reach an agreement in the short term with allies, whose current primary responsibility is to oversee export restrictions to countries such as Russia and communist China.

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