Dr. Paul Marik Talking About the Dangers of Spike Protein

On October 25th, in a video provided by G-Translator of the New Federal State of China, Paul Marik, an American doctor who was sued out of his job for using ivermectin to treat patients with the CCP virus, talks about what he perceives to be the dangers of the spike protein in the CCP virus vaccine.

 Dr. Marik pointed out that according to some research data he has from the United States and Germany, the spike protein enriched in the CCP virus vaccine is the most toxic protein the human body has ever faced. It launches an all-out attack on the body, triggering inflammation, blood clots, neurological disorders, myocarditis, mad cow disease, autoimmune system diseases, and a series of problems.

 Among these, myocarditis is the most difficult to conceal, while neurological disorders are probably the most harmful. 80% of all adverse reactions are neurological damage, which can make people very easily fatigued, interfere with clear thinking, and affect their ability to complete cognitive tasks.

 In summary, some people infected with the CCP virus also have long-term symptoms such as becoming easily fatigued and having an unclear mind. Dr. Marik believes that these symptoms are related to the amount of spike protein in a person’s body, and the higher the amount, the more likely to be infected with the virus and to have these symptoms. The more vaccinations you get, the higher the amount of spike protein in your body.

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