Ireland Orders China To Shut Illegal ‘Police Station’ In Dublin

A human rights report in September put a spotlight on Beijing’s extra-territorial pressure tactics, the media reported on October 27. Meanwhile, recently, Ireland ordered the closure of the so-called “”police station”” set up by the Chinese Communist Party in Dublin. The CCP claims that the “”Fuzhou Police Service Overseas Station”” established earlier this year is to provide diplomatic services such as the renewal of driver’s licenses. But a report by the human rights group Safeguard Defenders revealed that the Chinese authorities have set up these sites worldwide, mainly in Europe, to pressure dissidents to return to China.

 The Irish Foreign Office said the Chinese government had not obtained permission to set up the site. Therefore, in recent weeks, the Irish government has continued to demand that the Chinese embassy “”shut down”” this police station. A spokesman for the Irish government also said that all countries’ actions in Ireland must comply with international law and Irish law. Therefore, the Irish Foreign Office informed the Chinese embassy that the police station on Capel Street must be closed.

 According to another report, Dutch media revealed on the 26th that the CCP set up two police stations in the Netherlands that also claim to provide consular services, which are used to pressure Chinese dissidents.

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