Athletes Call For Vaccine Investigation After Amsterdam Marathon Sees ‘Massive Discomfort’

According to media reports on October 26, during the Amsterdam Marathon, a large number of athletes experienced physical “discomfort,” which may be related to the side effects of the vaccination against the Chinese Communist virus.

To date, more than 35 million vaccine doses against the CCP virus have been administered in the Netherlands. However, marathon organizers were unprepared for the many problems that arose. Traffic police in The Hague and six ambulances from other areas had to be called in to tackle these unexpected medical incidents. Some staff on the scene saw at least three runners being resuscitated, and many were taken to the hospital.

Experts note that there is currently a surge in cases of heart problems in healthy athletes during marathons and other races. The incidence is much higher than usual, and there is a need to investigate vaccination status and the length of time since vaccination can cause “massive discomfort” in health problems. A CDC study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association also showed that the risk of myocarditis was 133 times higher in young men after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Also, there have been reportedly many recent unfortunate cases of sudden deaths of healthy athletes around the world due to unexplained or significant cardiac complications following vaccinations.

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