Dr. Thorp: CCP Virus Vaccine Causes Unprecedented Harm To Unborn Babies

On October 22, Dr. James A. Thorp MD, a Canadian Obstetrician & Gynecologist reported staggering data from Waterloo in Canada that out of 4,000 deliveries there were 83 stillbirths. And in just one 24-hour period there were 13 dead fetuses.Dr. Thorp said the CCP virus vaccine is causing significant inflammatory responses. In his 43 years of medical experience, any inflammatory event associated with pregnancy will always lead to damages, injuries, and destruction that affect the mothers and the babies.Thus, in addition to the previous reports demonstrating the infertility effect of the CCP virus vaccine, the present new report additionally showed that the CCP virus vaccines can also cause tremendous harm or even death to women of reproductive age, pregnant women, pre-born babies and newborns.

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