The CCP Seeks ‘Negotiation Of The Century’ With The U.S. At Any Cost

In the Oct. 27 Gettr broadcast, Miles Guo said that the collapse of Hong Kong’s economy after Xi Jinping’s 20th National Congress could trigger a “domino” effect and that Beijing plans to conduct the “negotiation of the century” with the United States at all costs.

Recently Hong Kong’s stock market, foreign exchange market, real estate, and almost all other sectors have seen a diving sell-off. Hong Kong’s financial and trading center status is already in jeopardy, and this economic tsunami will soon spread to mainland Communist China.

Therefore, realizing that the crumble of the economy could have a devastating impact on the regime, Xi has decided to stabilize at any cost the exchange rate of the RMB and the stock markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai, bringing all the internal core issues of the CCP to the “negotiation of the century” with U.S.

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