Canada Sanctions More Russian Individuals and Entities

It was reported on Oct.17th that Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced the imposition of sanctions on additional Russian entities and individuals on the same day.

The new sanctions will apply to 34 individuals who supported the invasion of Ukraine and a network television station known as the Russian government’s “propaganda agents”. Joly said that as the Russian-Ukrainian war is about to enter the ninth months, Canada is focusing on targeting those responsible for helping the Putin’s regime in fabricating and spreading false narratives, including senior officials at TV channels operated by the Russian Ministry of Defense and its related entities.

Toward that end, individuals subjected to punishing sanctions include prominent Russian media persona Tina Kandelaki and actor Sergei Bezrukov, among other celebrity politicians. Those on the list of sanction are banned from any further association with Canada in any situation for trying to justify the war crimes committed by the Russian military.

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