Washington Considers Joint Weapons Production With Taipe

Since 2017, Washington has approved more than $20 billion in arms sales to Taipei, who faced military pressure from Communist China. However, the delivery was delayed due to supply chain disruptions, and increased demand for certain systems caused by the Russia-Ukrainian war. On Oct 19th, the US government is considering a joint arms production program with Taiwan, which aims to accelerate the transfers of weapons, and assist Taiwan in facing the CCP’s military threat. Rupert Hammond-Chamber, president of the US-Taiwan Business Council, said the plan was designed to offer more munitions, and long-established missile technology to Taiwan. It has not been determined which weapons would be involved on the ground since the plan is still in an early stage. Moreover, the plan would require arms manufacturers to obtain co-production licenses from the State, and Defence Departments. A US State Department spokesperson stated the Washington was considering all options to rapidly bolster the defensive capabilities of Taiwan. Possible choices for the joint arms production reportedly include manufacturing arms in Taiwan with technology provided by the US or producing weapons in the US with Taiwanese components.

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