The Greatest Challenge Facing Mankind Is The Humanity

In the Grand Live Broadcast on October 19, Miles Guo warned that the greatest threat to mankind in this incredibly gloomy time is not the CCP virus vaccine disaster or the global economic crisis but rather the humanity in each of us.

Miles reminded his fellow fighters from his personal experience that there is no medicine that can help distinguish between good and evil and restore conscience. Hurtful words and actions will one day come back to haunt us, or we will all share the consequences. Each person’s experience, education, and environment determine his or her different choices in dealing with interest, money, and relationships between men and women. In all the dark periods of human history, those who have eventually made it through safely must have faith and the ability to distinguish good from evil.

Miles deeply felt that fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement might survive the vaccine disaster and economic crisis. Still, a person’s heart can switch between good and evil instantly which no one can control. Humanity is the most tested part and the greatest challenge facing mankind

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