As a Result of the U.S. Chip Sanction against the Chinese Communist Party, Apple No Longer Use YMTC Chips

As of October 17th local time, Apple has abandoned plans to incorporate chips produced by Yangtze Memory Technology Corp (YMTC), a fully controlled company of the Communist Party of China.

The action comes as the United States imposes fresh export restrictions to China which appears to yield positive results for the American government against the Chinese Communist Party.

According to reports, Apple have taken up to a month to complete the certification process for Yangtze Memory Technology Corp’s 128-layer 3D NAND flash memory. IPhones will use this flash memory as NAND flash memory as a crucial component for all electronic devices. Yangtze Storage’s 128-layer semiconductor is by far the most sophisticated product manufactured under the Communist Party but it remains to be one to two generations behind industry heavyweights like Samsung Electronics and Micron. Since the Yangtze Storage chips would be more than 20% cheaper than others, Apple has intended to start using them this year. Yangtze Storage chip is a product that has been nurtured by the Communist Party’s leadership.

As a result of new U.S. export sanction against the Chinese Communist Party, YMTC has been added into the unverified list which will destine the company to be included in the sanction list. YMTC Storage has 60 days to supply required information by U.S. authority. If it is not done by then, it will be formalized as one of the sanctioned companies on the list.

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