CCP Suddenly Holds Off On The Publication Of Economic Data During Its 20th National Congress

According to media reports, the CCP was originally scheduled to publish its third-quarter GDP report on Tuesday Oct 18th, but the release was suddenly and indefinitely postponed on Monday without any official announcement or explanation. CCP’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) only made a quiet update on its website, deleting from the schedule for Tuesday the release of data on GDP, retail sales, property sales and fixed-asset investments. CCP’s General Administration of Customs had also delayed the scheduled release of monthly trade figures on Oct 14th, and the authorities didn’t offer any publicly explanation for the late publication or phone number for further information.

Some analysts said since the CCP’s regular releases of monitoring data about half a century ago, statistical reports have never been delayed like this, even during the CCP virus pandemic. The inexplicable late release of critical data might prompt some anxieties and cautions among investors.

Some media believed that given previous reports showed CCP’s economy grew by 0.4% in the second quarter, the third-quarter report, therefore, attracted much more attention. However, CCP desired to create absolute focus on its 20th National Congress currently held in Beijing rather than on the terrible GDP growth rate, which would embarrass Beijing authorities. Moreover, ordinary Chinese people have been suffering from Xi’s rigid Zero-Covid policy and frequent lockdowns. At such a crucial and sensitive period, the repeated delay of the data report demonstrates that CCP’s economy has deteriorated to a situation that even its NBS was unable to hide with fake data.

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