The CCP Made Another Evil Move, 260,000 People In Shenzhen Were Given A ‘Special Red Code’

On October 12, local time, Chinese social media Weibo revealed that as many as 260,000 people in Shenzhen Bao’an District were given a “special red code”. The CCP uses big data to monitor individuals. If they have recently been to the epidemic risk area or belong to “spatial contacts”, they will be assigned a red code and need to be isolated at home, not allowed to travel, cannot take public transportation, or enter public facilities. However, the “special red code” does not need to have a record of “close contact”, it’s only an excuse the CCP came up with in the name of ‘reducing the flow of people across regions and accurately excluding risks” to directly restrict all free movement of the people without any reason.

The CCP is increasingly strengthening social control at home, and red codes, portable quarantine cabins are the tools/means of the CCP came up with. In June this year, some innocent village bank depositors in Zhengzhou, Henan, their health cards were turned red because they went to the bank to defend their rights. A total of 1,317 village bank depositors were assigned red codes. The red code has long been a tool for local governments to recklessly maintain stability. Recently, a chat record was widely circulated on the Chinese Internet. The director of the Hetan North Road West Community in Urumqi City even threatened to send residents into the cabin, just because their conversations in the chat group were not politically ‘positive’ enough.

At the 20th National Congress of the CCP, Xi Jinping emphasized that the policy of zero covid is unwavering, which means that the blockade and nucleic acid testing will only become more and more strict, and rogue operations such as “special red codes” are hard to guard against.

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