Xi Jinping Praised Zero-Covid Policy At The Opening Of The 20th Party Congress, Foreign Firms Are Pessimistic About Economic Outlook In China

Three funeral experts from three different countries U.S., the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, joined forces recently to break the news as they simultaneously witnessed the unusual and even devastating similarity of sudden excessive deaths in their own regions of all ages and the “boom” of the global funeral industry.

Britain’s John O’Looney is the first funeral director to start talking about what he saw since 2022. American embalmer Richard Hirschman joined John in early 2022 and began to demonstrate the unusual blood clots he found inside the “dead” bodies on the workbench. They were recently joined by New Zealand’s funeral director Brenton Faithfull, confirming what the first two discovered.

In an interview on October 8th, 2022, the trio joined a talk show to tell the truths they have seen within the past three years related to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic and mass CCP virus vaccinations.

They agreed that since the 2020 pandemic, they almost saw no child deaths from the virus. “Coronavirus” hospital departments in their own regions were empty, with very few deaths from coronavirus. The so-called virus death data was faked and inflated by death cases unrelated to the virus, marked by many authoritative statistical departments.

They didn’t see an increase in mass deaths or funerals until January-March 2021 when the world began the mass CCP virus vaccination rollout. Body embalming process and examinations have found unusual squid clots in vaccine victims of all ages, including young adults. The blood clots consist primarily of misfolded amyloid proteins that are supposed to be broken down by the body, but in reality, the blood clots have remained in the body and have continued to grow.

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