Vietnam to Impose Temporary Anti-dumping Duties on China

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade said it will impose temporary anti-dumping duties on some furniture products originating from China this month.

The tariff of between 21.4 percent to 35.2 percent will be implemented from mid-October for four months, the ministry said in a statement late on Monday, Oct 4th. Imports of tables and chairs from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have increased significantly, causing damage to domestic production, the ministry said in its statement, without elaborating.

The CCP is Vietnam’s largest trading partner and a major source of materials and equipment for the country’s manufacturing sector.

According to the report on August 18th, that in order to have more time to comprehensively and objectively review the issues and opinions of all parties, in accordance with Article 70(3) of the Law on Foreign Trade Management, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has issued Decision No. 1621/QD-BCT to extend the investigation period for the implementation of anti-dumping measures again certain table and chair products originating from the CCP.

Previously, on September 1st, 2021, Vietnam initiated an anti-dumping duty investigation on table and chair products imported from the Communist China.

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