Europe and China Deeply Entangled in Economics

According to a report on October 5th, 2022, Oliver Bate, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Allianz Group, Europe’s largest insurance company, said in a media interview on the same day that Communist China is a strategically important long-term market for Allianz Group, and he is optimistic about China’s development.

Allianz Group established Allianz (China) Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd., the first foreign insurance holding company in Shanghai in 2019. Bate said the Allianz Group does a lot of business in China. The universities in Shanghai also continuously supply high-end talents for enterprises like Allianz. At the same time, the business environment in Shanghai is very friendly, providing enterprises with very good resources and platforms. Bate said bluntly that although the outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus has caused some obstacles, China has always been a country with high executive power.

After Allianz benefited from the Chinese regime, it will have to return the favor to the CCP. As the source of Allianz Group’s interests, China is naturally praised by the company. In the gang that murdered Wang Jian, the co-founder of HNA, in France, one of the mysterious characters that appeared in the gang was an Asian from Allianz Group. Mr. Miles Guo also mentioned in his live broadcasts that the blending and cooperation between the Chinese regime and Europe cannot be stopped in the short term. For example, the wine and automobile industries in France and Germany basically depend on the dictatorship to survive, and the decoupling of technology and finance against Beijing still depends on Washington. Taking down the CCP is up to the Chinese people, with the efforts of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, to achieve the ultimate wipeout of the dictators by using the CCP as the internal cause, the US as the external force, and the law as the means to completely destroy the CCP.

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