Germany and France Visiting China Essentially for Self Interest

On Oct. 5th, on the live broadcast, Miles Guo said, Germany and France will probably visit China soon. The purpose of Germany and French visit to China is very simple; both are thinking and evaluating the interests of their respective countries.

Taking down the CCP is the fact that everyone wants to do it, German, France and the United States also share the same values of democracy, rule of law and culture, but from perspective of national interests, it is impossible for German and France to decouple from China. Airbus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, German automobile production lines, French wine, nuclear power plant, technology and other industries are all located in China. Rapidly breaking up with China means the equivalent of self-destruction. Decoupling and leaving China takes time and procedures to protect its domestic industries and interests.

However, China is completely different, as dictatorships can pour out huge sums of money only to gain face and to show-off. Miles recalled that the Olympic Games in the year of 2008, a red carpet and neon lights around the Water Cube cost 2 billion RMB. The foreign visitors who arrived at that time spent 5 billion RMB for a trip, which all was the money of China’s ordinary people.

China’s dictatorship is the true right of boundless, insatiable greed. China’s ordinary people are pitiful and brainwashed; their own living environment is extremely poor, while they regard the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as their own glory. That is why we must take down the CCP, otherwise the Chinese have no future.

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