UBS Bank Assisted CCP Officials in Illegal Activities

On October 5th, during Gettr Livestream, Miles Guo said that UBS is the bank that has assisted CCP officials the most in its money laundering, money hiding and illegal activities. UBS understands that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chinese people are two different concepts, and the CCP and CCP enterprises are two different concepts.

UBS’s private banking business has a department serving large clients. Most of its large clients are CCP high officials’ white gloves. The real business data of UBS Private Bank is more than 4,000 times that of Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse Bank Limited) business.

At present, Credit Suisse may fail, but it will not collapse right away. It is not the Swiss Government or Credit Suisse itself that is most afraid of the collapse, but the CCP that is the most afraid of the collapse. If Credit Suisse falls, someone must come out to reconstruct it, and once it is reorganized, many things will be exposed. Not only bad assets, but also all the assets hidden by the CCP will be exposed.

Therefore, the CCP will definitely find people outside the white gloves circle to save it. The CCP will intercede from behind the scene and make up any financial hole by using their own money, which would be better than their hidden money being confiscated. As a result, Credit Suisse could cleverly survive. If Credit Suisse falls, the world’s economy will definitely plummet and be finished instantly. With this scenario, the world will see not only a financial crisis, but a financial disaster, which will definitely be more destructive than the economic crisis of 1929.

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