CCP and its Fake Media

On September 29th, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei had failed heart surgery, leaving only a 1% chance of survival, and he died 48 hours later. Those who know this news have already learned from it. Earlier, Mr. Guo also broke the news that Putin’s life will not exceed 10-12 months. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), an evil organization, has lost its right and left hands. The CCP uses the media’s false propaganda to guide public opinion and fabricate fake news to refute the facts.

On October 3rd, the CCP’s CCTV news released fake news that Khamenei attended the Iranian Military Academy graduation ceremony. Netizens pointed out the picture attached to that article as fake because Khamenei’s shadow and the shadow of the army were wrong in texture and direction, and there was only one in the sky, and it was a composited picture. The news got published in many public media, but later, deleted this article. In addition, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently explicitly opposed Russia’s fake referendum. The news was posted on China’s domestic news page, but it was also quickly deleted.

Currently, the Chinese media are producing all kinds of fake news in the form of text and pictures, and there is no live broadcast or small video. In this internet age, live broadcasting is the best proof of being alive.

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