Global Economy, Energy Situation Not Optimistic and China Back to Emperor Era After 20th National Congress

On Sept. 29th, Miles Guo mentioned in his GETTR post that Apple is experiencing unprecedented problems at the onset of the world economic crisis. The bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline is a major event in Russia’s energy war against Europe. The communist China after the 20th National Congress will return to the emperor system, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistle Blower Movement will completely dismantle the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Also, the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline being blown up is having a significant impact on Russia both psychologically, and in terms of revenue as well as its energy strategy toward Europe. However, this is even more significant for geopolitics and geo-energy.

Although the 20th National Congress is still a few days away, but the infighting is already intensifying. After this congress, the entire Communist China and World will be shocked as this is the first real regression in Chinese history. The Communist China is not only a dictatorship, but has entered an emperor system that the CCP wants to perpetuate forever. The Chinese deplorables see the craziness, ignorance, stupidity and greediness as sublime.

With factories closing, banks going bankruptcy, and hawkers unable to survive, the real estate in Hong Kong and Communist China has not even shown a price drop. In this world, people can never find another regime as vicious and evil as CCP.

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