FBI: N. Korea-Related Hacker Groups Linked To Crypto Firm Harmony Theft

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on Monday that two North Korea-related hacking groups, Lazarus Group and APT38, are directly responsible for the theft last June of $100 million from U.S. crypto firm Harmony’s Horizon Bridge system, according to foreign media on Jan. 23. Last June, California-based Harmony said a theft hit the company’s Horizon Bridge system, an underlying software system that transfers digital currencies between different blockchains. Some reports suggest that hackers from North Korea were most likely behind the attack on Harmony, citing the conclusions of three digital investigation firms. The FBI said in a statement on Jan. 13 that the two hacker groups used a privacy protocol called Railgun to launder more than $60 million worth of ethereum stolen last June, a portion of which was then converted into bitcoin at several virtual asset providers. The hackers stole digital currency and conducted money laundering operations, both to fund North Korea’s ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

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