CCP’s Culture Revolution 2.0 Unfolding In China, Mass Death And Tragedies Ahead

Miles Guo mentioned in the latest live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pulling the same thing as it was during the Cultural Revolution: Recruitment of new party members, and study groups. In the past few days, the CCP has promoted the ideas and principles to be a CCP member, which are party members that must be brave, full of fighting spirit, and daring to fight, now the ideas has become the criteria for the CCP to choose their leaders and cadres, which is an upgraded version of the Cultural Revolution. Recently, the CCP has begun to label the “unstable factors.” They have decided that anyone who complains about the party is an unstable factor. They want to silence all opposing voices. The CCP makes extreme efforts to control public opinion with measures such as social media censorship, and illegal private information violation and collection.

Since its establishment, the CCP has been not only killing and exploiting the common Chinese people, but also their own party members.

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