Insurance Data Confirms Sharp Rise In ‘Sudden Death’ After The Covid Jab Rollout

Foreign media reported on January 20 that the latest data from German life insurance giant KBV showed a spike in the number of sudden deaths in Germany since the rollout of the covid jabs at the end of 2020. The release of this information was made possible thanks to a freedom of information request filed by the German parliamentary party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). The party presented information compiled by data campaigner Tom Lausen at its recent press conference. A chart in Lausen’s presentation showed that sudden deaths rapidly surged to about 100 people per day from 2021 and beyond, including “death within less than 24 hours of onset” and “death from other vague or unspecified causes”. This compares to an average of just 13 to 17 sudden or unexplained deaths per day in Germany between 2016 and 2020. Prior to 2021, there were about 200,000 reports of vaccine side effects per year, and from 2021 onwards, that number soars to 2.5 million per year. In their speech before the media, Lausen and the AfD emphasized that the only that changed in 2021 was the release of the covid injections. Not only the relevant federal agencies failed to fulfill their duty to analyze the data, they deliberately concealed the data from the public. Lausen and the AfD had to file a freedom of information application to obtain the data. Back in 2022, Andreas Schöfbeck the head of Germany’s largest health insurance agency, BKK ProVita was fired after raising the alarm on an uptick of side effects and sudden deaths following the rollout of the covid jabs.

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