The CCP Plans To Profit From Donated Vaccines Take The U.S. As Scapegoat For Excessive Deaths In China

In the live broadcast on January 20, Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) keeps using its centralized power on vicious crimes and attempts: murdering people, burying dead bodies and deceiving the rest. The pro-American faction within the party such as Wang Huning proposed to Xi Jinping to accept COVID(CCP-virus) vaccines donated by the United States, profit from selling them at a prohibitive price to the Chinese people and later shift the blame to the United States for the excessive deaths it has been hiding. Right now in communist China, the CCP has been busy sucking the last drop of blood out of the Chinese people suffering the loss of their loved ones. Those who die can get burials with a modicum of decency, keeping the ashes intact, if their families are willing to pay an expensive fee. The majority poor population is buried en masse in the wild, unless they still have some political use for the CCP. Not only in the city but even those who live in the mountains can also smell the burning of dead people at the foot of the mountains. Miles said that the CCP has always been skilled at shifting the blame and taking all the credit through its powerful propaganda organs for every disaster it has created. Domestic, under its comprehensive surveillance networks, censorship and Saal-Schutz-like police force, the Chinese regime muzzled voices of truth and opposition and disappeared those who dared to rebel. If the smell of death in the air over the Chinese Lunar New Year couldn’t wake up ordinary people to realize the evil nature of the CCP and fight for their freedom against the authoritarian regime, their miserable fate as slaves is far from over.

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