Employer Granted Extended Leave To Protestor In Support Of NFSC Protests

The protests against Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) and Paul Hastings LLP by the New Federal State of China (NFSC) entered their 46th day on January 4. Xiongqi 雄七, a fellow fighter on the front lines of the protest, was interviewed by the reporting team via live broadcast.

 Fellow fighter Xiongqi mentioned that he requested a month-long leave from his employer so that he could join the protest. After realizing that he was fighting for everyone’s rights, his boss immediately granted his leave, despite being somewhat short-staffed.

 Xiongqi remarked with emotion that in a country steeped in free thoughts, democracy and the rule of law, everyone is fully aware of the importance of defending their own rights and mindful of the fact that when someone else’s rights are infringed, it means their own rights are at risk as well. The action of Xiongqi is a testament to the growing support for our protests.

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