Taking Down The CCP While Preserving The Safety And Image Of Chinese People

In the grand live broadcast on January 4, Miles Guo pointed out that the current Whistleblower Movement focuses on taking down the CCP, and spreading true information worldwide. This shows the elegant demeanor of the New Federal State of China people, and they are doing everything possible to preserve the image and safety of the Chinese population.

Miles said that even at the conservative conference in Phoenix, Fox host Laura Ingraham claimed that all Chinese overseas students are spies, and Trump should send them back to China, which is extremely racist. Prince Li followed this topic and told the world based on his own experience that 99.9% of Chinese students studying in the U.S. came to pursue freedom and democracy.

At a historical turning point when the CCP has brought huge disasters to the world, it is very important to be alert to the spread of anti-Chinese sentiment. Miles solemnly warned his fellow fighters that at present, in any country, at any time, the main priority is to preserve the safety and image of the Chinese people on the grounds that only truth prevails. The only thing that should be done is to cleanse the negative image that the CCP has created, which turned Chinese people into arrogant, selfish, deceitful and lawless people over the years.

Now, we should showcase a new image of the NFSC people as just, truthful, law-abiding, and full of vigor. As for those CCP-controlled fake activists for democracy who swindle the actual activists, they will be duly punished.

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