CCP Media Reported On Putin Terminal Illness

On January 6, media in Communist China reported on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s terminal illness and impending death, as disclosed by the head of the Main Directorate of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. The Ukrainian intelligence chief also expects that Putin may end the Russian-Ukrainian war and transfer power to his cronies before he dies. According to the head of Ukraine intelligence, Putin has been ill for a long time.

 Miles Guo said on September 18, 2022 that Putin is suffering from squamous cell carcinoma and may only have 10 to 12 months more to live. If so, Putin’s death is expected between July and September of 2023. Now, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies have just corroborated Miles Guo’s information. Some believe that Putin’s imminent death may be a divine punishment to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war which has a global impact. The media of Communist China reporting on the anticipated loss of a key ally is signaling that the Chinese Communist Party is as isolated and vulnerable as ever.

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