U.S. To Support The Right Of Chinese People Peacefully Protesting

On November 28th, given the recent demonstrations against the CCP authorities’ Zero-Covid lockdown policy in multiple cities across Communist China, the U.S. government expressed its support of the Chinese people to protest peacefully. On Monday, the CCP’s police strengthened the security measures at the sites of weekend protests in Shanghai and Beijing. Previously, unprecedented protests erupted there and in several other cities on dozens of university campuses since “emperor” Xi Jinping took office a decade ago. The U.S. National Security Council spokesman said in a statement that Washington has long been saying that everyone in the U.S. and around the world has the right to protest peacefully, including Communist China. They believed it would become very difficult for Communist China to contain the CCP virus’s spread through its zero-Covid policy. This policy has maintained its so-called official death toll in the thousands at the cost of confining millions of people to long periods at home, which inflicted widespread disruption and damage on its economy and caused various indirect deaths far more fatal than the CCP virus itself, such as starvation in quarantine, suicide, and deaths from lack of access to medical care or emergency assistance.

During Xi’s terms of office, he has overseen the crackdown on dissidents and the expansion of a high-tech social surveillance system, which made the protests more difficult and riskier. However, these measures failed to prevent the protesters from chanting the slogan, “Xi Jinping steps down, CCP steps down!”

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