CCP’s Cyber Army Robots Try To Cover Up The Spread Of Protest News On Twitter

According to media reports on November 28th, in an apparent move by the evil Chinese Communist Party to suppress and censor not only its people but the rest of the world yet again, Twitter has been flooded with harassing tweets designed to cover up news of the protests in China against the inhumane Zero-Covid policy and brutal lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 Virus created by the CCP. Apparently, when a user searches for a major city in Communist China, such as Shanghai or Beijing, using Chinese characters, a CCP robot account, which is not operated by a human, will then push out pornographic ads and gambling-type ads on a wide scale. Alex Stamos, director of Stanford University’s Internet Observatory, said the CCP’s activities show that Twitter, under Musk’s leadership, has failed to resist the destruction of free speech by the CCP’s online army.

And these actions by the CCP appear to be an attempt to limit international attention and follow-up to the protests, as access to Twitter has long been restricted within Communist China. As early as July, a whistleblower warned that Twitter was frequently interfered with by foreign powers, and Peiter Zatko, the company’s security chief who was fired in January, said he was aware of “multiple incidents” in which Twitter was infiltrated by foreign intelligence agencies or involved in threats to democratic countries.
The CCP’s authoritarian zero-Covid policy with forced nucleic acid tests, forced lockdowns, insufficient supplies of food and essentials, and the use of barricades, some of which are topped with barbed wire, has caused only discontent, grief, and anger among the oppressed nationals. Over the weekend, dozens of protests broke out across Communist China, with numbers ranging from only a few brave individuals to about a thousand people.

Protesters used cell phone lights, carried candles, and held blank paper as they held candlelight vigils and peaceful street protests calling for an end to the brutal lockdowns and frequent mass testing. In some places, protests have called for democracy and press freedom, an end to online censorship, and even an end to the CCP’s tyranny. Similar slogans were shouted by protesters on Beijing’s flyovers on the eve of last month’s CCP political conference.

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