UK Foreign Minister Asserts That Media Freedom And Freedom to Protest Must Be Respected

During Lawrence’s arrest, police kicked and assaulted him and kept him in custody for several hours before being freed. In a tweet, Lawrence said he was aware of at least one local resident of Communist China who had also been detained for attempting to stop police from assaulting him. In addition to at least two journalists being imprisoned, the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) claimed that police had physically harassed journalists from various media outlets, while journalists were covering the turmoil.

The treatment of journalists covering the protests, according to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Communist China, has caused great concern. James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, stated on Twitter that the detention was extremely unsettling, that Media freedom and freedom to protest must be respected, no country is exempt and the work of Journalists must be executed without being intimidated.

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