The ‘White Paper Protests’ Are The Chinese People’s Own Movement

The Urumqi fire took a lot of lives and burned up the anger of the long-oppressed Chinese people.
Recently, the White paper Protests were launched all over the world, and a large number of people gathered at Liangmaqiao in Beijing on the evening of the 27th shouting slogans.

Yet a man was crying out, saying to beware of invasion by foreign forces. This statement was immediately countered by those beside him, questioning whether the man now has access to the Internet outside of China or can leave the country. The protesting people at the scene also said they were Chinese.

The man wearing glasses on the side asked rhetorically with high emotion whether the foreign forces meant Marx, Engels, Stalin, or Lenin. He went on to question whether the fire in Xinjiang and the Guizhou overturned bus were also operated by foreign forces?

Another man in a white coat shouted, “Do the foreign forces call us all?” The crowd responded together that they were not.

The man continued, we can’t even connect to the Internet abroad, nor leave the country, and we are even locked in our own country; there is no contact with the outside of the world, and there is no way for the foreign forces to communicate with us, we just want to have freedom.

The conversation between these two adds a lightness to the serious scene.

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