University Students and the Public Launch Protests Over Xinjiang Fire on November 26th

According to a video provided by the New Federal State of China (NFSC), on November 26, students of several colleges and universities and ordinary people in different parts of Communist China launched various forms of protests in response to the 24th Xinjiang fire incident caused by the COVID closure and control. At the Sichuan Film and Television University, students wrote down their aspirations and posted them on trash cans in the campus to express their protest. One of them wrote: “I was the victim when the bus overturned, I was the victim who got sick and refused medical treatment, I was the victim who hiked 100 miles, I was the victim who was forced to break down and jumped off the building, I was the victim who was trapped by the fire. And if these were not me, then I was the next victim.” At Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a student used a piece of red cloth to cover his eyes and stood on campus to express his silent protest. At Sichuan International Studies University, students sang the Internationale in unison on the playground. A school worker tried to turn off the audio but was prevented from doing so by the students. Some students shouted: “What’s wrong with us playing the Internationale? What’s wrong with that? You are not wrong. It is the CCP that is at fault. They block all the voices and they erase people’s faith.”

At the China University of Political Science and Law, many students protested by holding signs that showed “sorrowful tribute to our compatriots who died on November 24th.” In the Hebei Institute of Communications, the words “Without Freedom, I prefer to die” and “Silence in tribute” can be seen everywhere on the bulletin boards and walls.

Furthermore, protests also broke out at Beijing Language and Culture University, Beihang University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Qingdao Film Academy and other universities.

Meanwhile, in Chengdu and Wuhan, many people also went to the streets spontaneously to protest against the government’s strict closure and control actions. In Xinjiang, the protests have spread to areas such as Korla, Hotan, and Beitun Arle.

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