Exposed CCP Quarantine Bond Program To Yield More Than $33.3 Million In Revenue Over Next Five Years

Recently, a document titled “2022 Shandong Province, Yantai City, Fushan District, container isolation site construction project special bond project implementation plan” was exposed on the Internet. In the “operating income forecast” section, it is stated that the expected income of the project is more than $33.3 million, mainly from rent, parking, and meal services during the non-epidemic period. It has assumed the site and current epidemic measure will last another 5 years and on average 110 days under the epidemic period and 250 days under the non-epidemic period each year. From the sixth year onwards, it’s considered a non-epidemic period. The annual income of the project is calculated accordingly.

The document shows that this project was proposed in March 2022, and approved by the Yantai Fushan District Finance Bureau, the Yantai Fushan District Health Bureau, and the implementation unit Yantai Hongfu City Investment Development Co. The statement “there will be an epidemic period within 5 years after this year” has sparked strong dissatisfaction among netizens. In addition, the exposure of this document also confirmed Miles Guo’s revelation in the November 26th Gettr post that Xi Jinping had planned a year ago to isolate, and lockdown cities with martial law. Under his Zero-Covid campaign to lock Chinese people in their homes first, and then put those who do not comply into the contained quarantine camps.

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