From $65 Million to $250 Million, U.S. Judicial Layouts are Coming to Light

On November 25, in the program, Fay Fay Show of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), the host went through several key issues in depth. She analyzed the operation of the US judicial plotters behind the unreasonable situation in the Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund Limited (PAX) case and its true purpose.

In the process of PAX seeking to settle with Miles Guo for $65 million, Luc had jumped in several times, expressing his hope for Miles to be more considerate of his interests in the settlement and to get more money. But he is only doing so in the hope of counting more of his billable hours and getting more fees, which is far from the huge extortion of $250 million proposed later.

Meanwhile, the reason why he joined the team of lawyers and extorted a huge amount of money from Miles in the name of the DOJ, IRS, SEC, etc. must have been authorized by some people from these departments. It is none other than these people behind the scenes who have helped PAX and Luc break through the judicial line time and time again, who found huge interests hidden in this case and wanted to take more money in the course.

However, these behind-the-scenes players will not be loyal to any organization, party, or belief except for their own interests. Although they are still colluding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the time being, the alliance gathered for profit will surely disintegrate completely when one day they cannot gain benefits from the CCP.

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