Xi Jinping Down The Road Just Like Ceausescu’s Downfall

In the Grand Live Broadcast on Nov. 27, Miles Guo recalled the history of former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu’s rise and fall to allude to Xi Jinping’s ending.

Romania was once colonized by the former Soviet Union. After being rescued from prison by the tycoons, Ceausescu drove out the former Soviet Union and established the Socialist Republic of Romania. Industries and economy were greatly developed, making Romania the most economically active country in the Balkans. Ceausescu himself became a godfather figure in Romania, along with his wife they were honored as father and mother of the nation.

But later, Ceausescu became corrupt and hid tremendously wealth in Britain. He revised the constitution, falsified history, and engaged in a cult of personalities, which eventually led the economy to complete collapse. Finally, the Ceausescus were tried in public by a special court set up by the people and shot at once. Today, Xi Jinping is committing the same crimes against the people that Ceausescu did back then. In just a few weeks, from his peak hour of 20th party congress, meeting with Biden, intensified Zero-Covid campaign, to the recent Xinjiang fire and the protests across the country, Xi has been reduced to being demanded by the people to step down. The sharply tuning situation foreshadows that Xi is on a wild ride to Ceausescu’s downfall.

Miles particularly commented that it is such a human tragedy that 1.4 billion Chinese people were enslaved by a small group of dictators for decades, and that’s the price they have to pay for their cowardness and selfishness, or Stockholm Syndrome under the CCP’s enslavement. The “sudden bravery” of the Chinese people this time is actually an instinctive resistance when oppressed to the limit.

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