Taiwan is Going to Ban the Use of IT Products Made from Communist China in Public Places and Institutions

According to a report on November 23rd, Taipei would ban the use of IT products made from Communist China in public places and many institutions. President of Taiwanese National Chengchi University Li Tsai-Yen said that this measure applies to all products that can be connected to the internet. This includes computers, printers, closed-circuit televisions, and technology used in restaurants, as well as convenience stores inside and outside schools. After the announcement was released, several universities immediately said they would remove IT products manufactured in Communist China that they used in the early stages. In a recent report on the national security risk related to IT products made in Communist China, the Taiwanese Ministry of digital affairs said the government agencies have almost 6,500 devices and the potential risk caused by the equipment is real.

The 7-Eleven convenience stores across the island have been under widespread cyberattacks as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the unprecedented visit to Taiwan this August. At that time, some stores’ monitor display systems were hacked and showed a malicious message that read, “warmonger Pelosi, get out of Taiwan.”

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