The CCP Agent Bribed Taiwan’s Senior Colonel to Plant a Ticking Bomb if War Breaks Out

Recently, several media sources from the United States, Britain, Taiwan etc., revealed that the CCP bribed Taiwan’s current army colonel, Hsiang Te-en, to swear allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. According to the report, Hsiang Te-en, who is currently the head of the Taiwan Army Infantry Training Command Operational Research and Development Division was approached by Shao Wei-Chiang, a CCP spy and retired military officer in 2011. He got acquainted with Hsiang Te-en. In 2018, when Shao Wei-Chiang learned that Hsiang Te-en wanted to retire from the army because of his low mood due to him going through a divorce, Shao persuaded Hsiang to stay and provide him with sensitive information in exchange for money as a CCP spy. Since then, Hsiang Te-en, code-named “Old Zhang”, assisted Shao Wei-Chiang in spying on the Taiwanese military situation, and collected information on several major generals and high-ranking officers in the Taiwan military. It is also reported that under Shao Wei-Chiang’s direction, Hsiang Te-en posted a photograph wearing his military uniform with Shao Wei-Chiang while holding a signed handwritten note pledging his allegiance to China. It wrote, “I, Hsiang Te-en, hereby pledge to support cross-strait peaceful unification. I will do my best at my current post to fulfill the glorious task of pushing for peaceful unification with the motherland.” Since the end of 2019, Hsiang Te-en has received $1,300 a month to work as spy, and during his espionage career, he has received a total of $18,000. After this incident was exposed recently, the Taiwan authorities intend to prosecute Hsiang Te-en for corruption and endangering national security. If the charges are true, he will face 12 years of sentence.

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