Without Courage And Perseverance, Chinese Will Find It Difficult To Establish A Foothold

During his Grand Live broadcast on November 23rd, Miles Guo pointed out that the Chinese would have no chance to stand up again in the world if fellow fighters chose to kowtow to the pressure from the senior officials of the U.S. Justice Department.

Only with courage and perseverance could the Chinese achieve the principle of one person, one vote and win back the deserved dignity. Miles said that the mutual discrimination, indifference, isolation and alienation prevalent in Chinese society made the local residents look down on them. Fellow fighters must abandon the cultural dregs of self-deprecation and betrayal to ancestors for glory from the Communist China.

The citizens of the New Federal State of China needs courage, wisdom, perseverance, determination and belief that justice will prevail during their legal protest and exposure of CCP’s Blue-Gold-Yellow tactics and corrupt elements in the U.S. judicial system. Otherwise, the Chinese people will have no place in this world.

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