NFSC, Committed To Taking Down CCP, Brings The Light And Hope To The World

During the Gettr video on Nov 26th, Miles Guo emphasized once again that when the world was shrouded in darkness and humanity was facing an existential crisis, the New Federal State of China (NFSC), which has been committed to taking down the CCP, was a gift from heaven full of light and hope.

Miles said that during this war waged by the CCP, which released the biological weapons triggering the vaccine disaster, the world economy has suffered tremendous losses and traditional cultural habits have been seriously challenged. In particular, the vaccine disaster has brought immeasurable harm to the survival and reproduction of humanity.

The NFSC follows the will of God and fights against the most vicious and ruthless CCP in the history of mankind. Fellow fighters must abandon the personal vendetta and uphold justice so as to fulfill the historic mission.

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