The Zero-Covid Is A Measure Of Control, Greed Turning People Into Demons

In his November 26 Gettr post, Miles Guo said that the world today is uglier and darker than imagined. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) holds the Chinese people hostage to blackmail the democratic countries. The greedy nature of capitalism makes some people profit-oriented and become the accomplices of the devil.

Wang Qishan once said that the Chinese people could stick to eating grass (being stuck in poverty and starvation) for three years and help the CCP win in the confrontation between the dictatorship and the democratic system. This is the state policy that Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan set up long ago. In their eyes, the lives of ordinary people are like grass, like pests, not worth mentioning or caring at all.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for Xi to give up the zero-covid campaign. Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries are busy welcoming Xi and continuing to take the hard-earned money of the Chinese people. Some Western countries even want to continue to maintain cooperation with communist China as the “world factory” and continue to enslave the Chinese people. Stupidity, selfishness, and greed have made it impossible to distinguish between human beings and demons, and in this case, demons are running rampant.

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