German Chancellor Pledges To End Germany’s Over-Reliance On China, Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated in the Bundestag on November 23 that the German government promised to end Germany’s “one-sided dependence” on Russia and China for energy and trade.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, European and American countries successively launched sanctions against Russia. Germany’s over-reliance on Russia for energy supplies has suddenly woken up the Germans. Similarly, the German economy is also highly dependent on economic and trade exchanges with China.

As winter is coming, energy supply is an urgent need for the German people. Scholz said that his government has chartered floating liquefied natural gas transmission facilities and instead imported natural gas from the Middle East. The government also extended the life of Germany’s remaining nuclear power plants, which means that energy security is “likely guaranteed this winter.”

Regarding economy and trade, Scholz said that the German government has actively developed diversified trade relations with Asian countries other than the CCP, hoping to gradually eliminate the risk of over-reliance on the CCP in economics and trade.

Scholz told Bundestag lawmakers that Germany has the strength to overcome this crisis and emerge stronger from it.

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