The Unvaccinated Are The God’s Chosen Ones

Recently, Brad Wylder, the host of WAKE UP CANADA NEWS in Canada, a father of two children in Manitoba, Canada, publicly expressed his sincere admiration to those who have not been vaccinated against the CCP virus in his program. He admires and believes that those who have not been vaccinated are the chosen ones, and the hope of the future of this world.

Mr. Wylder said that even though himself was forced to get vaccinated and boosted, he admires the unvaccinated. They withstand great pressure from families, societies, friends, colleagues and even doctors. Those capable of such personality courage and critical thinking ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity in the world.

Despite their different ages, education and ideas, they are above the social average and they are the elite who create various cultures and conquer various fields.
They are like big trees standing in typhoons, having endured all kinds of isolation, discrimination and rejection, forced to give up their careers and incomes, but not changing their minds. They are the most valuable and greatest group of people on this planet, the heroes who shine in the darkness.
Now, the time has come for them to make a difference.

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